On the Road/Reflections

I’ve been really lucky that last few years and haven’t had to travel much.   I had a long day to Boise, ID last week.  And right now I’m on a Indy, ATL trip.  I was super stressed about this trip last week but now that I’m on it – we’re making it work.

Life until Oct 18 will be crazy at work.  So, I just have to remember to keep cool. Keep calm.  Keep it real.

3 has been, well, interesting.  N has had some real moments.  And we in turn have real moments as well.  We had a few rough patches during the 2’s but usually in a matter of weeks it was fine.  I’m not sure how 3 will turn out.

The good news.

N pretty much knows all of his letters. 
N can pretty much dress himself.  He just confirms which way is forward on his clothes.
N continues to have specific taste in clothes.  Right  now the spider man tennis shoes and sports shirts are tops.  N also loves a football helmet (Vikings).
N is incredibly playful.  I have to stop thinking about how much I need him to do X and just enjoy the playfulness. 
N continues to be well bonded and a boy who loves to cuddle.  I think my favorite parts of the day are when we are watching TV and he insists that my arms go around him.  He often puts his head on my shoulder.  I love this.
Nathanael loves to play with Tita and Tita is just wonderful with him.  He loves to hang on her and they often have great giggles together.  It just makes me happy.
N loves his daddy.  His first word when he gets up is usually “daddy.”  He loves his daddy.

Now the trying parts.
We are getting sassy.  Recently the saying has been “don’t talk about it.”  For example, Nathanel let’s put on our PJ “DON’T TALK ABOUT IT” or Nathanael, your shirt goes this way “DON’T TALK ABOUT IT.”  Obviously, he doesn’t want to talk about it but mommy just can’t help but talk about it.
N is strong.  Generally, this is a good thing.  Except when you need to get a kid in a car seat in the morning and boy oh boy, it takes all your strength.
At times, he’s just down right defiant.  He’ll go outside without asking and then get a time out.  It is world war 3 but some things are just not negotiable.
It’s going to be an intersting year.

Tita seems to be doing well.  Tita recently had a birthday and it was wonderful to celebrate with her.  She’s s terrific kid and I’m so glad she’s living with us.


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Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


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DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
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Exit family court: 2/11/08
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