Helicopter Mom Me

I read an article in yesterday NYT’s on parents dropping off their kids for their freshman year at college.  Apparently, some parents stay well beyond what’s needed and they’ve started to formalize/structure good-bye times.  Some parents even stay a few days just in case the kids need them.  That’s my future in 15 years.  I will be that parent who sticks around and I own it.

Today was N’s first day at preschool.  He def handled it better than me.  As he was going potty (an interesting shade of red due to the red frosting this weekend), we had chance to chat (always a good time to chat).  He didn’t know his teacher’s name and he wanted clarification on that.  And then he asked me very sweetly (almost pleading) if I could come into the room with him for “just 5 minutes.”  And I started tearing up.  At Montessori, they drop off at the door.  I think this is very good – less disruption, clear boundaries etc.  But, today is was so hard.  Of course, this made him nervous when I was upset.  I can’t help myself. 

When we got to the door, he just walked right in.  I didn’t even get to hug him good-bye.  I’m glad he did that but I sure could have used that hug!

So, then I stood in the hallway, trying my best to look through the 2 way mirrors which actually not 2 way mirrors (because the hall lights are on).  This really pisses me off.  I could barely see him.  He seemed ok but was just kind of standing on the sides by himself.  I like his teacher and I’m sure she will integrate him into the class but oy. 

I think he will like the school quite a bit but I just want him to be comfortable as soon as possible and make new friends quickly.


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Little E

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