Sliding into 3

We have two weeks left of two.  I’m already nostalgic for 2.  It’s been such an amazing, wonderful, and joyful year.  It’s hard for me to image a year ago when Nathanel had fewer words, didn’t always grasp the larger environment, and was so much smaller!

We had a bit of the 2’s but we were incredibly fortunate.  People have told us to prepare for the 3’s – we’ll see.  Nathanael is a pretty centered little kid so who knows? 

What happened this year . . .

*  Nathanel was potty trained.  Day care was really terrific on this and he seemed to get it without a great deal of trauma.  We had a few accidents but nothing major.  I will say this kid has a bladder the size of Montana.  He doesn’t go potty when he first wakes up and can often times wait more then an hour.  Who does that???  We are still in nighttime diapers.  He is dry most nights except when we’ve over done it a bit on the gakky.

*  Nathanael has started to learn his letter & numbers.  It’s amazing to see him start to grasp these concepts. 

*  He started out two with limted verbal skills.  His physician said that he’d like start verbalizing at 2 1/4 and he was right.  When he’s paying attention, it’s easy to have a conversation with him.  Lately, I’ve tried to have a litte conversation with him before we go to bed.  He’s such a goof ball and he jokes with most of the time.  But, it’s a lovely little habit that I want to keep up.

*  Nathanael continues to be a natural athlete.  Not much else to say here except he can run, jump, and kick with the best of them.

*  We are struggling a bit with the food.  He likes a small list of food:  french toast, blueberries, raspberries, mac/cheese, yogurt, crackers and hot dogs.  We are very much lacking on the vegetables.  This is clearly an area of improvement that we need to work on.

*  Nathanael is sleeping in his own bed most nights.  It’s fine.  He still jumps in our beds frequently enough for me to be happy.  The first thing he says when he wakes up is “where’s daddy?”  Nathanael loves his daddy and it’s a joy to see them together.

*  Nathanael learned to ride a trike this year.  He’s good at it and loves it.  We’ve “heard” that grandpa is getting him a bigger bike for his birthday.

*  Nathanael has very specific tastes in clothing.  He wants to wear peacock blue all the time and he likes printed shirts.  I tried to get him in a really cool tie die shirt that Joe brought home from NC – but he was having none of it (won’t budget even for a treat).

Nathanael will be a month of changes.  We made the very hard decision to move day cares.  It’s a decision that I particularly struggled with.  We’ve had some terrific experiences with St Peters and the boys in his room are really a special bunch.  The chemistry is amazing.  We’ll be sorry to leave but there has just been too much turnover of teachers – but, we’ve loved them all.  N will start a montessori in 2 weeks.  Of course, I’m all freaked out about – is there enough play time?  Will he use his imagination?  Is there too much structure?  But, we’ll see how it goes.

Also, it looks like Tita will be joining us August 16.  We are so looking forward to having Tita be part of our family.  It will be fun to have another woman around the house!  It’s funny to think how much more energy will be in the house.


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This is an outfit we sent him!


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