Perfect Day

I’ve always loved Perfect Day by Lou Reed and while I know it’s hard to believe, but I love Duran Duran’s cover of it.  I think today was close to a perfect day.  Joe got up and made coffe + plus a Byerly’s run for muffins.  Then we went to Adventure Peak at Edinborough Park where Nathanael played and played.  Joe and N then went swimming for a while.  It was great to see N go from cautious in the water to truly loving it.  Daddy and N took a shower which N didn’t like and thought it was too “hot.” 

We stopped by McDonalds for lunch which we NEVER do but we were starving and N wasn’t going to make it through anything else.  We then napped for a while and then played.  Tonight we had wild salmon with an awsome soy/brown sugar sauce, rice, and salad.  And, of course, chocolate for dessert. 

I got to watch figure skating while Daddy and N played.  It did take a LONG time to get N down, but finally he crashed. 

It was so fun to see Nathanael so happy at the park. We had a great tiem together.  One of the memory book for sure.


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Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


Application to agency: 2/7/07 Dossier to agency: 7/30/07
i171h: 9/6/07
Referral: 9/13/07
POA to Guatemala: 9/28/07
DNA auth: 11/29/07
Enter family court: 12/18/07
DNA test: 1/16/08
Birth mother interview: 1/16/08
DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
Registered with the CNA: 2/11 (grandfathered in)
Exit family court: 2/11/08
Pre-approval: 3/6/08
Enter PGN: 3/12/08
Exit PGN: 4/16/08
Adoption decree signed: 4/17/08
New birth certificate: 4/22/08
New passport: 4/25/08
Orange: 5/5/08
2nd DNA Test: 5/8/08
Pink: TBD
Embassy appt:

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