I don’t do resolutions but . . . 103 more to go.

I just decided that my resolution is to post to this web site two times a week.  That would be 104 posts this year.  The only out I am giving myself is that I need to do 104 posts so if I don’t make the two/week resolution, I will still have the total to complete.

I am keeping this blog for one reason:  when Nathanael is all grown up it will allow me to remember everything I will have surely forgotten.  Perhaps Nathanel will like the blog but maybe not.  Or maybe he won’t for many years but then will when he’s older.  Who knows?  So for now, it’s for me.

Back to work/day care/life today.  It was an excellent break where I/we had all sorts of things planned to do and didn’t really make a dent in any of them.  Except Joe, who got lots done on the old house, and we should be able to list it soon! I will be so happy when the old house is on the market and then sold.

Last night we went to Murrays for Brian’s birthday and Nathanael was terrific.  I was a bit concerned about taking him to a nice restaurant because I didn’t want to ruin the other patrons meals.  But, he did great.  I think it helped that I let him eat as many french fries as he wanted and since he never gets fries, he was happy as a bug.  I think he sat for 15 minutes straight and ate the pile of fries in front of him.

After dinner, he was all wound up and didn’t go to sleep until 11:30!  He took a long nap and seemed ok this morning but it was a bit hard to pull him out of bed. However, the opening tunes of The Backyardigans popped him right on up out of bed.  He’s really become quite obsessive about that show lately.  If it were up to him, he’d watch 5 episodes in a row.  He’s also particular, I absolutely, cannot sing the opening theme song or he just flips.  I can’t say I blame him on this.

Nathanael has now learned his name and when we ask it, he puts his hand on his chest and say “Nathanael.”  I usually say, that’s great.  Your last name is Kxyz and he adamently says “NO!  It’s Nathanael!” and pounds the hell out of his chest.  The concept of a last name is rather unnecessary for him.

Nathanael is getting quite good at counting.  For all practical purposes, he can count to 10.  I have to say I’m rather impressed by this.  Of course, he will never do it “on demand” but when we are playing or doing something we call “upside down baby” (we hold Nathanel upside down & N jives on this big time),  he might count to ten. 

I know I might live to regret this but 2 is really turning out to be a great age.    I was dreading it so very much.  Yes, there are times that it’s quite trying but so far, so good.  And, N is now 35 inches tall!

Happy new year!


1 Response to “I don’t do resolutions but . . . 103 more to go.”

  1. 1 Steph January 4, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    What a great goal! I should do this, too. 🙂 I love hearing all about Nathanael’s blossoming personality! I have thought the same about two (until this weekend!). It is such a fun age. BUT, all of my friends have warned me that it’s really the terrible THREES.

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