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Wendy Abigail

We sponsor a child through Mayan families and we were able to send her a rubbermaid tote of things for her and her family. Mayan Families is a fantastic organization and some wonderful volunteers in the US coordinated the shipment. We received some photos of Wendy opening the tote, she looks a little dour/ overwhelmed but she’s just 4. But there was a photo of her with 2 of her brothers and it’s nice to see them enjoy some toys and practical items we were able to send.



Today is a day of Thanks. And we have much to be thankful for. We have an amazing son who brings joy to our life every day. Joe and I both have good jobs that are interesting and allow us to pay the bills and save some.

I want to hold on to these days because I feel them slipping away way to quickly. I still can’t believe that we are so lucky to Nathanael as our little boy.

Nathanael and I spent a lazy day yesterday (Joe was at work) and it was so great. We didn’t do much – he probably watched a bit too much TV and I could have accomplished a few more things but it was an easy day where we just enjoyed one anothers company.

As I sit here and type this I am watching Nathanael happily going outside the house to the porch and then back in  again. It’s chilly today and a porch is a great thing! He’s all dressed up and walks in to tell me hello and then says bye as he goes back out. Rinse, repeat, and again.

Today we are going to my parent’s house and they just completely adore Nathanael.

A string of somewhat disjointed thoughts that add up to one single thought: Life is good.

Today at the park










Dinosaur Costume










New Big Boy Underwear!

Mommy Shhhh.

Last night I was putting Nathanael to sleep and I have an awful cough.  Clearly, it was bothering him and moments before drifting off, he said “mommy” and I said “yes sweetie” the next word was “shhhh.”  It cracked me up.

Nathanael’s language skills are improving and he starting to put full sentences together and completing thoughts.  I think he might be a bit behind still but he is making steady and consistent progress so I am not overly concerned.

At daycare, he’s been consistently using the potty so tomorrow he goes in training pants!  I never thought we’d be training now, but at day care they have suggested to see if we can capitalize on this window.   because it  might close so here we go!  I”m not sure if I am ready for this and I still wonder if he is connecting the dots but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Nathanael has adjusted really well to the new house and is taking it all in stride.  He seems to love the basement and wants to go down tehre all the time.

I am looking forward to the holidays and starting new holiday traditions in the new house.  I could use some rest (work has been crazy lately) so I’m hoping to chill a bit this week, get a bit recentered and have a great last 5 weeks of the year.

Move Done

So our physical belongings moved from one house to the other.  The move was really exhausting (physically & emotionally); but it feels great to be in the new house.   I knew that the small space was driving me crazy but now that we have more room, well – it feels amazing.  There is lots of organizing and putting together needed in the new house but we have the kitch in order and that’s the area that gets the most traffic.

Nathanael seems to really love the basement.  Personally, I’m not such a fan of the basements but it’s great that he has a big area to play, run, and move.  And boy will it be fantastic in January!

Nathanael did pretty well during the move.  He wasn’t too freaked out about the house but I do think that having me distracted was hard for him and then he spent a fair amount of time at my parents so I could sense his little heart hurting a bit.  So, I’ve spent more time with him in the mornings and will try to do some special things with him this week-end.  Unfortunately, Joe has to go to Europe for the week for work.  I know Nathanael is really going to miss him and Nathanael can be quite brutal when you’re not around.  Rather then being really happy that you are home, he gets really angry at you and doesn’t want to pay much attention to you.  It’s pay back.  So, you really have to go slowly.

This is a photo from the MN state fair this summer.  Nathanael looks so old!


Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


Application to agency: 2/7/07 Dossier to agency: 7/30/07
i171h: 9/6/07
Referral: 9/13/07
POA to Guatemala: 9/28/07
DNA auth: 11/29/07
Enter family court: 12/18/07
DNA test: 1/16/08
Birth mother interview: 1/16/08
DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
Registered with the CNA: 2/11 (grandfathered in)
Exit family court: 2/11/08
Pre-approval: 3/6/08
Enter PGN: 3/12/08
Exit PGN: 4/16/08
Adoption decree signed: 4/17/08
New birth certificate: 4/22/08
New passport: 4/25/08
Orange: 5/5/08
2nd DNA Test: 5/8/08
Pink: TBD
Embassy appt: