23 Months Tomorrow

One more month left until N is two.  Wow.  I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy.  I feel that N is growing up so fast and it hurts my heart a bit.  I know, great things to come but he won’t ever be a baby again.

N at 23 months . . .

*  Very cuddly.  How lucky are we?  He just loves to cuddle.  When we watch TV, he leans up against us and puts his hand in ours.  To die for.  He also needs to be physically touching someone at night.  Of course, when he needs to be carried around after waking or naps, it gets a bit tiring.  Nonetheless, I’ll take it.

*  A good smile but a great laugh.  N has the sweetest laugh – it’s already a belly laugh and it’s just pure happiness.  And N loves to laugh.  He really gets into it.

*  The language skills are getting better.  It’s probably not something that he excels in but we’re not particularly concerned.

*  Physically N is very coordinate and has serious core strength.  He’s just good at things like climbing (can hold on a bar for count of 10) and is sure footed.  The later of which can be quite deceiving – he almost fell 6 feet at the jungle gym but fortunately I caught him and disaster was adverted.

*  We’ve got the 2’s early.  He is very much needing control over almost everything from dressing to food to well, you name it.  I’ve tried to focus less on the effect it’s having on me (annoyance) and what’s motivating the disturbance.  So, we’ve been reframing things from I need to take your shoes off to help me take off your shoes.  We are all still working our way through this new stage . . .

*  N’s face continues to change.  Tonight he was being silly and I commented to Joe that he had his baby face on.  It’s hard to describe, but directly connected to our first (wonderful) trip to Guatemala.

*  Hates, hates, hates having his hand held to cross the street.

*  Not a big breakfast eater and the vegetables are a real weak spot.  He loves fruits, carbs, dairy, and protein.

*  When he’s done with what I call and an eruptor (from happy to sobbing in 20 seconds and then back again) – he wipes his tears away in a very dramatic fashion.  He puts both his hands over his eyes & repeatedly brushes them tears again. 

*  I struggle with how to be the best possible mom.  I still need to work on being present for N at night (vs let work things run amok in my mind).


1 Response to “23 Months Tomorrow”

  1. 1 Steph July 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Almost two??? Wow! He is growing up so fast. Though, I wouldn’t really know it because we never get to see PICTURES of this sweet boy. 🙂 hehe!

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