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March Musings

It’s the last day of March and Nathanael is 19 months.  It seems that he’s grown up so much in the last week. . . he’s really starting to know what he likes & dislikes.


N loves the dog (most of the time).  They spent much of Friday evening playing tug of war with a stuffed animal and they both loved it.  Of course, N gets very angry when Zach eats his food (just snatches it from his hand) and when Zach is on mom’s lap.  N can’t really say Zach so he hells “ACK!” from across the room when he wants his attention.  In the morning, they both cuddle on the sofa and that makes me happy.

N loves his gummy bear vitamins.  Vitamins equals treats.

N loves his bath.  Daddy gives N a bath and they both love it.

N loves to sweep with a broom.  He was as upset as I have ever seen him tonight when I took the broom (it’s WAY to big for him & he almost broke several dishes).  He pretty much freaked out but that’s the way it goes kid.

N loves Backyardigans.  It’s his show.  And he loves Elmo.

Shoes!  N loves shoes – loves them.

N loves to read together.


It seems to change on any given day but anything that is babyish is not his thing.

N doesn’t like me to brush his teeth – big no no.

N does not like me to use the computer too much – he slams down the cover.

N doesn’t like to be tired – it’s ugly for everyone involved!


So, I finally caved and bough a new USB cable and therefore, downloaded some photos.2008-xmas-01

Love my Elmo . . .



Daddy can make me laugh . . .


Umm, French Toast!




Mommy must have cracked me up . . .


I love bath time.


My teeth are still coming in . . .



Look a little drum!




Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


Application to agency: 2/7/07 Dossier to agency: 7/30/07
i171h: 9/6/07
Referral: 9/13/07
POA to Guatemala: 9/28/07
DNA auth: 11/29/07
Enter family court: 12/18/07
DNA test: 1/16/08
Birth mother interview: 1/16/08
DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
Registered with the CNA: 2/11 (grandfathered in)
Exit family court: 2/11/08
Pre-approval: 3/6/08
Enter PGN: 3/12/08
Exit PGN: 4/16/08
Adoption decree signed: 4/17/08
New birth certificate: 4/22/08
New passport: 4/25/08
Orange: 5/5/08
2nd DNA Test: 5/8/08
Pink: TBD
Embassy appt: