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We Have a Crawler!

We called the foster mother this evening and it’s such an incredible joy to talk with her.  It truly gives us such a strong feeling of peace.  We know that he’s crawling and starting to call his foster daddy pappa which we love so very much.  His foster mother says that he’s very smart and that’s music to our ears!

Of course, we are sad to miss the early months of his life but we feel like we’ve gained so much – hopefully a long term relationship to Nathanael’s home country and we’ve met some truly remarkable people in the process.


Going with the Flow

We received a new birth certificate on 4/22 and a new passport today.

This means we are moving very quickly to a pick up date.

We have no crib, no car seat, no high chair, no diapers, no baby food, NOTHING. 

I predict week of 5/19.

Done Deal

We have final sign-off!

^Click to see

Happy 8 (Month) Birthday

Nathanael is 8 months today.  It’s so crazy to think that he’ll likely be here in early summer. 

We’ve yet to hear if the birth mother has signed off for the last time.  I’m not really nervous about it – it may be done or she hasn’t signed it yet. 

I started calling day cares yesterday.  Gulp.  I had no idea how the waiting lists would be.  A local church is opening up an infant program and it’s likely they will have an opening in August.  It seemed pretty nice – I didn’t get all weirded out or get a strange vibe.  It’s nice beause it’s part of a k-8 so there is a big gym and library etc.  It is weird to have all those kids in one room though.  The vibe we get from Nathanael is that he likes action – he loves hanging out in the baby room etc.  I don’t have child care guilt but who knows, it will probaby still be very hard.

Good bye PGN Widget

So, i’ve been hesitant to take the PGN widget off the sidebar because I still can’t believe we are out of PGN.  I def feel like a weight is off our shoulders.  I’ve been really obsessing overing PGN entry and exit dates and now, I no longer need to.  How crazy is that!

So, what’s next?
Birthmother final signoff
Adoption Decree Issued
Receive Birth Certificate
Get approval for 2nd DNA (orange)
DNA taken and sent to the lab
DNA results received by the embassy
Get PINK slip email (appointment for Visa)Embassy appointment
Visa Pickup next day
Done and home!

Our agency anticipates that we will travel in 5 – 8 weeks!  I had hoped to hear today that the birth mother did the final sign off but our lawyer did not send any updates.  We have heard that he is busy with the JCICS that are in Guat to help with procedures for any future adoptions.  So, we hope to hear early next week the final sign off is completed.

Pretty soon we will no longer be in process.  I still can’t believe it.

Called PGN

They don’t have record of us.

Two hours later:  I started to write the above post and my agency called.  I had just sent them an e-mail saying that PGN has no record of us and wasn’t really sure what that meant but they should know about it.  Well, the reason they had no record is that we are OUT of PGN!  Joe and I are both in shock.  For so long I waited for this day and now that it is here, I am totally weirded out. 

The birth mother needs to sign off one final time – that usually happens within one week.  So, once she has done the final sign-off, Nathanael is legally ours.  Gulp and Hurrah!


No News is No News

Tomorrow will be our fith week in PGN.  I am not sure if that’s good news or not.  They are backed up in PGN as a ton of cases flooded in mid and late Feb.  There are people who are getting kick outs who were submitted in late Feb and early March still.  While I’ve heard of a few March people getting out of PGN, most of the people are late Feb. 

Friday’s are the days that our lawyer updates our agency.  I was pretty convinced last Friday that we got a kick out and was just waiting for the information.  I didn’t hear anything, but that doesn’t mean anything.  Our lawyer doesn’t always share information.

So, we wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


Application to agency: 2/7/07 Dossier to agency: 7/30/07
i171h: 9/6/07
Referral: 9/13/07
POA to Guatemala: 9/28/07
DNA auth: 11/29/07
Enter family court: 12/18/07
DNA test: 1/16/08
Birth mother interview: 1/16/08
DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
Registered with the CNA: 2/11 (grandfathered in)
Exit family court: 2/11/08
Pre-approval: 3/6/08
Enter PGN: 3/12/08
Exit PGN: 4/16/08
Adoption decree signed: 4/17/08
New birth certificate: 4/22/08
New passport: 4/25/08
Orange: 5/5/08
2nd DNA Test: 5/8/08
Pink: TBD
Embassy appt: