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We just received updated photos!


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My brother’s girlfriend fondly (we think) refers to our dog as “the dog who thinks he’s a human.”  I can’t disagree – he runs up to everyone to say “hello” and well, we do treat him this way.  Just one way our doggie is human-like.


6 Months

Today Little E is 6 months.  Happy Birthday E!


Visit Trip

We have planned a visit trip over Easter.  So excited!

Joint Council Update

The Guatemala National Council for Adoptions ended the registration period for transition adoption cases on February 12, 2008.  We are very pleased to report, that close to 3,000 cases were registered under the ‘new’ system.  It is also our understanding that the 3,000 registrations include virtually all of the adoptions initiated under the Notarial system.

Joint Council has been informed that an individual adoption case is considered registered provided the aviso filed with the National Council for Adoptions (CNA), has been stamped (with a number) and signed.  The CNA is currently developing a database of all registered cases.  Once completed, the CNA will provide the database to PGN.  It is our understanding that PGN will begin processing cases upon their receipt of the CNA database.

We also have information that approximately 100 cases were not registered with the CNA, according to the revised registration process.  The lack of registration for these cases may preclude the completion of these specific adoptions.  Any adoption service provider or adoptive parent who did not register their case(s) with the new CNA should contact their Guatemalan attorney immediately.

^Still waiting for confirmation that we aren’t part of the 100 not registered (I really don’t think we are).  My heart goes out to the 100 families who aren’t registered.

Mental break down avoided (for now)

So, we received verbal confirmation that we’ve been registered.  We hope to receive a copy of the registration just to make sure.

I am very thankful that our lawyer and his staff were deligent and stood in line and made the registration happen.  I am pretty sure the whole week-end blew chunky (I don’t know what that means but it sounds sorta accurate).  They def are earning their fee. 

I just sincerely hope for all the prospective adoptive parents that they get registered.  It would be truly awful to have an adoption not happen because the process was so flawed.


This week-end has been challenging.  I think everyone figured that now with the new CA members all figured out, getting registered prior to 2/12 wouldn’t be too challenging.  Unfortunately, Friday started out to be a big mess.  Lawyers waited all day and very few registrations actually occured.  It was really a mess.

Basically, the new information is that we need to have a new registration number prior to 2/12 in order to be grandfathered in.  However, nobody realized that they would highly scrutinize the forms and ask for all sorts of details and then review everything in detail to make sure it was correct.  Frankly, I have no issue with that – I only have issue because they need to have almost 3000 completed by Tuesday and it’s slow going.  If there is a mistake, then you get a kick-out (previo) and have to correct the information (meaning starting the whole process of lining up and waiting all day).  I believe that some of the information is not filled out because the lawyers don’t have it as the files are in PGN but in some cases, the lawyers don’t want to share the information (which I don’t know what to make of).

Fortunately the new members of the CA seem to be willing to work long hours.  I’ve been sick to stomach with worry though.  If we don’t get a registration number by Tuesday – well, we have no idea what will happen.  It would take new legislation by the Guat gov’t to extend the 2/12 date and that’s not easily done.  If children do not get a registration number, then the new CA has authority to place the children wherever they want and well, I don’t even want to go there.

So, my nerves have pretty much been making me sick all week-end.  Some agencies have been in communication with their clients over the week-end but not ours.  I believe they are monitoring stuff but it would be sure good to hear from them.

I so hope our lawyer has his shit together and registers us.  For the first time this week-end, I’ve had to confront the idea that Elmer might not be ours due to stupid paperwork reasons.

Little E

This is an outfit we sent him!


Application to agency: 2/7/07 Dossier to agency: 7/30/07
i171h: 9/6/07
Referral: 9/13/07
POA to Guatemala: 9/28/07
DNA auth: 11/29/07
Enter family court: 12/18/07
DNA test: 1/16/08
Birth mother interview: 1/16/08
DNA test results to embassy: 1/23/08
Registered with the CNA: 2/11 (grandfathered in)
Exit family court: 2/11/08
Pre-approval: 3/6/08
Enter PGN: 3/12/08
Exit PGN: 4/16/08
Adoption decree signed: 4/17/08
New birth certificate: 4/22/08
New passport: 4/25/08
Orange: 5/5/08
2nd DNA Test: 5/8/08
Pink: TBD
Embassy appt: